Vaping friendly things to do on Long Island this fall

As the weather is cooling up here on Long Island, there’s no reason to stay home to enjoy your vaping. We’ve put together a list of vaping friendly things to do on Long Island so you can get out and about (and up in the clouds!) before the blizzards begin.

Vape at a Long Island winery.

What goes better with your favorite vape juice than a nice bottle of fermented grape juice? …Err wine that is! Try a nice day trip out to a Long Island winery.

Our recommendation: We know there are many Long Island wineries to choose from but in our experience the Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard is one of the best! This Long Island vineyard has plenty of outside tables where you can enjoy vaping and drinking some wine (all while enjoying their live entertainment on the weekends) but what makes it the best is they double as a horse sanctuary where you can get a tour of the beautiful horses they have rescued over the years.

Take a (vaping) hike!

Round up your best buddies, put on your backpack and your favorite hoodie & go out and get some fresh air with your vape pen in hand! Try hiking the Muttontown Mystery Trail and discover the mysterious abandoned ruins of King Zog’s Long Island Estate. Sound intriguing? It did to us too but you have to experience this far out hike for yourself!

Group Vape & View The Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns

What’s more awesome than viewing more than 5,000 hand-carved illuminated Jack O’lanterns? If you haven’t been you absolutely need to go. Although smoking or vaping is not allowed while walking The Rise, we suggest a pre-event parking lot group vape with our Pax2 Premium Vaporizer before you enter the grounds. Stop by the vape shop in Bellmore and pick one up today!

Before you set out to go on your adventure, make sure to stop in to our vape shop in Bellmore, NY and pick up the vaping supplies you need for your fall outing on Long Island.