about our long island head shop

Euphoria is Long Island's most unique and customer-friendly Smoke, Vape & Gift Shop.  Conveniently located on Bedford Avenue in quaint Bellmore Village, Euphoria offers a comfortable and welcoming shopping experience, different from the dark, claustrophobic, and sometimes intimidating atmosphere that typifies most head shops.  We have all of the newest and highest-quality smoking and vaping products and accessories you need, without any of the off-putting and confusing clutter you don't.  Whether you've been shopping such stores for years, or have never been inside of one before, you will feel at home with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  We are easy to get to, and with ample street parking, as well as a large parking lot right behind the store, we are the most convenient and accessible shop of our kind on Long Island.  

Offering much more than just the typical head shop fare, Euphoria has the goods to appeal to both smokers and non-smokers alike.  We scour the internet, trade shows, and other resources daily for awesome products that just can't easily be found anywhere else.  We have the coolest, funnest, most unique gift and clothing items, imported from all over the world.      

If you do enjoy smoking, then whether you are looking to puff the old-fashioned way, or to take advantage of the most recent smoking and vaping technologies, Euphoria has got you covered.  Premium brands and the highest quality merchandise is our promise to our customers.  If you want to take advantage of the newer, healthier alternatives to cigarette smoking, or if you've already discovered those alternatives, we stock the latest and best e-vaping products and a large and varied selection of the finest e-juice brands and flavors available.  

Most important of all, our prices are the lowest around and guaranteed to beat the competition's! 

Euphoria Psychedelic Gift Shop is a member of the Bellmore Chamber of Commerce and we enthusiastically support the community and other local businesses.  We are proud to be in Bellmore and committed to serving the community in the most responsible way possible. 

Our smoking products are sold for use only with tobacco and other legal herbs and oils, and are intended for legal use only.  You must be over the age of 18 to enter our store, and over the age of 21 to purchase smoking products.

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