Hottest Long Island Bands to Add to your Playlist Right Now

If you live on Long Island then you already know we have the best bars for beers, babes, and rock and roll.

However, did you know we also have some pretty sick local bands that you can catch at those bars?

It’s true!

We have some of the most talented rising musicians born, raised, and performing right here, right now on Strong Island.

Move over Billy Joel, you’re not the only musical talent that calls our beloved beaches and congested highways home (but of course no disrespect, man).

In this post, we selected our top picks for the hottest up and coming Long Island artists you can catch locally. No need to ride the drunken LIRR home from the city, these bands book plenty of Nassau and Suffolk county gigs. So, get your iPod and take notes, because you’re going to want to add these guys to your playlist before you order that next cup of overpriced coffee.

Hottest Long Island Bands

1.   Revel 9

If you enjoy head-banging to bands like Chevelle, Deftones, Sevendust and Three Days Grace then have we got a band to add to that playlist. REVEL 9 is the perfect combination of all of today’s hard rock rolled into one talented Long Island-based band. These guys have some seriously sick tracks. You may not know them yet, but these dudes bring out a devoted crowd here on the Island, and are definitely unforgettable once you’ve seen them play.

Speaking of which, these guys are frequent performers at KJ Farrells in Bellmore, NY. They’ll be performing at KJs this April and again in May!

2.   Bunktown Falls

Who is Bunktown Falls? Only the hippest, self-proclaimed Reggae-Rock-Jam-Funk-Band on Long Island. Bunktown Falls breaks all the traditional music rules and kicks ass doing it! It’s said that these free spirits get their inspiration from everywhere they go. It is their mission in life to create unique jams “molded by their roots on the south shore of Long Island NY.” Now that’s what’s up.

3.   Year of the Locust

Now if you like your music a tad more aggressive, check out this heavy metal/hard rock gang, quickly making a name for themselves throughout the states. Opening for bands such as Trapt and Hoobastank, Year of the Locust is on its way to big things. Check out their latest album, available on iTunes and Spotify.

While the NY-based band, formed on Long Island, is currently touring the country, you can catch them at the St. Patty’s Day celebration at the Emporium in Patchogue, NY on March 17.

4.   Craving Strange

Amityville’s own Craving Strange brings you the sounds of classic rock bands such as Guns N Roses mixed with pop-style melodies similar to Foo Fighters. These guys have raw talent and an awesome sense of humor, too. Score a free track-download now by heading to their Facebook and enjoy their page’s random musings and fun facts as an added bonus.

FYI, tickets are also available to see these guys rock out with the previously mentioned Revel 9 at the Revolution Bar and Music Hall in Amityville NY on April 7.

5.    The Shipwrecks

What do you get when you blend Reggae and punk rock and mix it with some surf party rock? Answer: The Shipwrecks. Their unique sound will knock you right onto your dancing toes and make you want to parrrtayyy! This band, molded right out of the South Shore, has played all over the Island and New York State. They also play out of state and have opened for Smash Mouth.

Transport yourself to a rocking LI beach party right now by heading to their website and listen to tracks for FREE!

6.   Last Turn Off Broadway

Currently making music right out of good ol’ Farmingdale, NY, Last Turn Off Broadway (LTOB) is a promising young set of faces and talent that proves it has what it takes to make waves in the Long Island hard rock scene. These guys serve up even more fresh-yet-heavy head-banging tunes for your eardrum pleasure.

Their debut EP, “Born From Lions,” is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Catch them performing around the Island this spring.

More Long Island Bands to Watch Out for

And just in case your playlist is still hungry for new music, here’s a quick list of a few more names of local artists to keep your eye, or rather ear, on:

·      Bending Over Backwards

·      Logan’s Room

·      Heartstone

·      More of Myself to Kill

·      Trace Your Steps

·      Gutterlife

Long Island is for Music Lovers

Long Island is home to a handful of successful bands. From the Blue Oyster Cult to Taking Back Sunday, we have birthed rock and roll favorites that have seen national and international success.

So, keep these bands in mind and remember when they hit it big, Euphoria Psychedelic Head Shop in Bellmore, New York told you about them first ;)

Want to nominate another Long Island band or musician for the spotlight? Drop their name and link in the comments! We love supporting locals ~ Peace!