Celebrating Earth Day on Long Island

1970 may have been a devastating year -- Vietnam, the death of rock and roll legend Jimi Hendrix, the final Beatles album -- but, it was also the birth of Earth Day!

You know our planet is pretty incredible. It feeds us, gives us oxygen to breath, water to drink, herbs, trees, flowers, sunlight, beaches … Need I go on? So, this Earth Day, let’s celebrate Mother Earth as Long Islanders.

No, that doesn’t mean by getting drunk at the Boardy Barn, but rather by tending to our local environment and making a conscious effort to decrease our carbon footprints.

We only get one planet, after all, so let’s stop treating it like a dirty motel and instead embrace and protect the beauty of our local habitat. Here are some simple suggestions on how to celebrate Earth Day in your own neighborhood this April 22nd! (Note -- that's just two days after 4/20!!)


9 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


1.   Recycle

We know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s important! Use this Earth Day to think beyond your basic trash recycling. Recycle old clothes, eyeglasses, batteries, and any empty printer ink cartridges you may have. There’s a lot of things lying around your shack that even the grooviest of individuals may seem to forget. Did you know you can recycle your old tech stuff, too? Check out this list of electronics to recycle.


2.  Leave the Car in the Garage

This one is a bit tougher. You may not be in a position to walk to work or school and such, but try to opt in for public transportation. We know the bus may seem like a drag, but at least do it for Earth Day.  

You can always ride your bike, too. Luckily, here on Long Island we have plenty of groceries stores, delis, 7-11s, and Targets all within walking distance, so get out and enjoy some fresh air. Worst case, if using a car is truly unavoidable, then car pool.


3.  Plant a Garden

Ok, so here’s another popular Earth Day tradition that’s easier than skateboarding from Nassau to Suffolk County. No, really, it is! You don’t need to rip apart the backyard either. Grow your basic veggies in potted plants or containers. Check out this how to.


4.  Take the Go Green Pledge

You can, of course, do this of your own volition, but if you are a student at, or live near Stony Brook University, and you want to sign a physical pledge to keep you on the straight and narrow, then register to take the Green Pledge. Then, celebrate with other like-minded individuals at Stony Brook’s Earthstock, a week-long event free and open to the public.


5.   Plan a Cleanup Event

You can get together with a bunch of friends and volunteer to clean up one of Long Island's many parks or beaches. C'mon, you know you've made a mess at at least one of these places in your life. Now go help clean up. For volunteer beach cleanup opportunities, check out Long Island Sound Study.  


6.  Stop with the Plastic Bags

Dude, plastic bags are bad for the environment. Make Earth Day the day you start using those reusable grocery bags instead. They’re easy to buy and really inexpensive. Buy a few for your friends and family while you’re at it too. #EarthDayGifts


7.   Unplug

Hey man, try to refrain from using copious amounts of electricity on Earth Day. If you can, don’t use any at all in an effort to show your love. But if you can’t quit cold turkey for one day, at least unplug all the appliances you aren’t using and turn off all the lights when you’re not in the room. You know, you waste electricity by leaving your PlayStation plugged in 24/7. Just sayin...


8.  Spread the word

One of the best things you can do to celebrate Earth Day is to educate your family and friends on being more environmentally conscious. Let others know they can easily do these activities, too. And feel free to share this post on social media ;) (Shameless plug alert...) Tip: Don't say "Climate Change" or "Global Warming" around your more backward-thinking peeps; they can't think beyond a simple one-day celebration of our glorious planet and they'll turn you off immediately, or possibly even call the authorities to come and arrest you... 


9.  Enjoy Nature

Finally, just go out and enjoy the Earth. Get to know the dirt around you. Do yoga in your backyard, meditate under a tree, spend a night or two camping, sit in the sand at Jones Beach, etc. Long Island is beautiful and we are fortunate enough to have some of the loveliest and most scenic spots in the country.



Happy Earth Day, Long Island

We at Euphoria Psychedelic Gift Shop in Bellmore, New York hope to see everyone around the Island doing their part to respect and cherish our planet. We want to keep our beaches clean, don’t we? What would we do without our nature hotspots? Imagine not being able to vibe out in the outdoors due to pollution?

Let’s keep Long Island clean my friends, and don’t forget to stop by our Long Island Head Shop for other Earth Day celebratory gifts and novelties!