Headshop Holiday Gift Guide

Head Shop Holiday Gift Guide

Deck the halls with bowls and incense, Fa-la-la-la-la, la head shop gifts!

Well, Season’s Weedings!  Er, we mean greetings! It’s that time of year again!!

And of course, that means you have holiday shopping to complete.

Don’t worry though. We’ve got you covered.

Euphoria Psychedelic Gift Shop has put together a head shop holiday gift guide that is sure to cross off everyone on your shopping list.

Wait, everyone?

Yes, everyone! (Or close enough).

For smokers and non-smokers alike, headshops aren’t just for those looking to celebrate the holidaze.

So, whether you still need a present for your mom, college dorm buddy, free-spirited dog-walker, or your blaze-for-days crew, have no fear because your local head shop has many merry gifts to go around.

Let’s get to it!

Keep Calm and Candle On

If you need a gift for a nonsmoker, candles are a great option (though not limited to nonsmokers, only).  In fact, candles are one of the most common items gifted this time of year. Your local head shop is sure to have a crowd-pleasing array of options.

Get one for Mom, Grandma, your stepsister, and/or your smelly roommate.

Maybe you have a friend who is into meditation or simply a candle enthusiast? It’s one way to get that Euphoric feeling... wink, wink.

Pair a tall cylinder candle with a pack of tantalizing incense.

Get something sensual for your partner, sweet and fresh for a relative, or rich and woodsy for a hippie friend.

Gifts for Cloud Chasers

It’s no secret that e-juice vaping has become extremely popular. So, whether you want to surprise the special vaper(s) in your life, or help that stubborn cigarette smoker close to your heart to finally keep to his/her New Year’s resolution, listen up.

Most head shops are accommodating the vape phenomenon, and offer an extraordinary variety of pens, box mods, e-liquids, coils, and even starter kits.

Of course, there are vapes for ground and other (legal) materials, too.  The new Pax 3's are just out, as is the Puffco Plus and the 2016 Vape Pen of the Year, the Galaxy by KandyPens, to name just a few.

Keep in mind the cold weather is upon us, and vaping is an excellent way to get your smoking fix without freezing your jingle bells off.

Psychedelic Santa

Pipes for Puffers

If you’re a regular at the local head shop, then you without a doubt know the pipes are the best finds.

Treat your partner-in-crime, your other half, the Cheech to your Chong … etc., with a gorgeous glass pipe this holiday.

Or, look for novelty pipes and one-of-a-kind pieces to show your affection. Nothing says Merry Christmas like exchanging the warmth of a shiny new pipe with your best friend on a cold day. Oh, and don’t forget to throw in an odor-proof case!

T- Shop

Who doesn’t love a psychedelic t-shirt? Your local head shop is sure to have all those punny, smoker tees your bro can’t get enough of, along with the tie-dye tops, nostalgic music tees, political statement shirts, and styles with a Rastafarian flare. See, something for everyone!

Most shops will have shirts for men and women and a good head shop will even have baseball caps, hats, backpacks, bags, and other wearables.

Why fight the line at JC Penney? You could get a whole new wardrobe for a loved one here.

Ashtrays that Slay

Don’t underestimate the power of a decorative ashtray. People flip over these as gifts and many live to collect them.

Your local head shop is sure to have a few unique and drool-worthy trays that would complete your aunt’s or uncle’s life.

Maybe you have a granddad with a mantle of handcrafted ashtrays. Or a coworker who would like to start collecting. Even for the people on your list who don’t smoke, ashtrays make excellent art pieces for the house.

Incense boats and burners can be lovely gifts as well. You can even lie to your sister and tell her it’s a jewelry tray.

Beads for the Babes

Head shops usually come complete with beaded hemp bracelets and accessories. Look for ankle bracelets, dream catcher necklaces, beaded headbands, and the fan-favorite, leaf logo jewelry.

These accessories are great to pass out to friends this holiday season, wrap up for your girlfriend, or toss in a grab bag. Everyone loves beads from small children to old farts. Plus, they make awesome stocking stuffers and are relatively cheap.

And for the Stockings Hung by the Chimney with Care

Last but not least, and speaking of stocking stuffers, head shops are a gold mine for stuffing those socks.

Quirky lighters and bottles of yummy e-juice are great gifts to fill up a stocking. Not to mention, all the little knick-knacks, hippie patches, pins, and smoker-related memorabilia you are sure to find.

If you are looking for stocking stuffers, check the checkout counter. Head shop owners usually have little displays by the register of fun, little, last minute buys.

Get Your Shop On

There you have it, our Head Shop Holiday Gift Guide. We hope this helps ease your shopping load.

And remember, if the holidays have got you feeling stressed out, you can always stop by your local head shop to treat yourself, too!

For those in the Nassau County, Long Island area, our Euphoria Head Shop is conveniently located in Bellmore, New York.

So, avoid the mall and support your local head shops this holiday season. Remember, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so don’t let the shopping kill your buzz. Make it easy on yourself and get all your gifts from the one great place you know and love. ~Peace!