Top 5 Items to Buy at your Local Head Shop

When was the last time you made a purchase at your local head shop?

If your answer is, “Man, I can’t even remember!” then this can mean only one of two things:

                    1.    It was a really great purchase (wink, wink);  or

                    2.  You don’t know what yer missin'!

After recently uncovering Headshop Myths, we realized that many of our readers might be unaware of the evolution/revolution of the common head shop.

Head shops have evolved beyond the old, stereotypical perception of hazy, dimly-lit, dark-colored storefronts located on the wrong side of town with bars over the windows.

Today, they can be found on trendy main streets across the country, representing havens reminiscent of 1960s hippie culture and selling the grooviest hidden gems and popular smoking products.

In this post, we discuss the top 5 items you can buy at your local head shop (including a bonus find unique to our Long Island head shop, located in Bellmore, New York).

So, read on and check out this badass list of hot, must-have items that will inspire you to get reacquainted with your local head shop.

 1.      Iconic Character Pipes

Sure you can find plenty of lovely glass water pipes in your local head shop, but this is the list of tops! Pipes come in all wildly crazy shapes and sizes, but there is something so rad about purchasing a pipe designed after your favorite superhero, Star Wars villain, video game character, horror film icon, etc. It’s these types of finds that really make a memorable purchase.

Here at our Long Island head shop, you’ll find pipes representing all of your favorite cartoon and movie characters. What fanboy-inspired pipe will you find at yours?

Character pipes available at our Long Island Head Shop in Bellmore, NY.

Character pipes available at our Long Island Head Shop in Bellmore, NY.

2.      Papers

The Internet forums have spoken, and the consensus is papers! Papers are a must-score (followed by a hot, hippie girlfriend). Many smokers dig the clean and enjoyable smoke papers provide.

There’s a trend in the works, away from cigars and their chemicals, which can sometimes change the taste of your filler. Papers provide a purer smoke, without the additives. Plus, you can get a lot of papers for your buck.

Look for organic hemp or rice papers too, as they are a healthier option.

3.      Incense

Incense is a staple of the hippie culture. Whether you need to mask certain odors, meditate, or are just plain sickened by the stench of your roommates, incense makes for a great head shop purchase.

Head shops will also generally have a wider variety of scents than your local Five Below or Walmart, along with a higher quality of burn. So get them here! Try the Sai Baba Nag Champa Agarbatti incense, if you’re unsure which scent to buy first.

And... incense is not just for smokers. It's great for covering up the fact that you just ate Taco Bell, or, more romantically, for setting "the mood." Certain scents are also perfect for different times of the year.

Incense holders for sale at Euphoria Long Island Head Shop in Bellmore, NY.

Incense holders for sale at Euphoria Long Island Head Shop in Bellmore, NY.

4.      Hippie Paraphernalia

Again, not all head shop purchases need to revolve around smoking. Chances are your local head shop has some trippy hippie merch. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home or your dorm room, with positive vibes and vintage, bohemian flare, your local head shop is definitely worth stopping into. Tapestries, candles, and something tie-dye are sure to await you there.

Photo Credit: @antonku24 on Instagram (AKA our BIGGEST FAN!) 

Photo Credit: @antonku24 on Instagram (AKA our BIGGEST FAN!) 

5.      Vaping Essentials

With the cloud chasing vaping phenomenon in full swing, electronic cigarettes and e-juices have grown in popularity so much that it’s almost impossible to walk into a head shop that’s not up to date with the trend.

Head shop employees are very knowledgeable in the subject field and it’s the best place to go for quality pens and e-juices.

Vaping is turning out to be the future of smoking. Many people enjoy the flavors and scents and not having to deal with that cigarette stink stuck (say that five times fast!) to their clothes and breath. Not to mention, vaping saves you from that smoker’s cough and from sounding like an old woman in a BINGO hall when you speak.

Euphoria BONUS: Personalized Hand-Painted Guitars

One of the absolute coolest things we do at our Long Island head shop is work with local musicians and guitar enthusiasts to restore and customize their guitars. It’s one of the most amazing purchases you can ever make!

Play the Art is like a tattoo for your guitar. We even have already-restored and painted guitars for purchase, for those who don’t have a guitar of their own, or for anyone looking to buy a new guitar that’s completely unique, for themselves or as an unforgettable gift for someone else.



So, there you have it!

Hopefully, our list of Top 5 Head Shop Items (and we haven't even gotten into all the amazing glass!) encourages you to stop by your local head shop and support these small business owners. We have to eat too, you know, and we get the munchies often...

All the products mentioned in this list can be found at Euphoria Psychedelic Gift Shop in Bellmore, New York. We are the Long Island Head Shop for far-out, one-of-a kind items, quality water pipes, and smoking accessories complete with the latest in vape technology.

Feel free to stop in, we have just what you need. ~Peace!

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