Joint Art is F****ING AWESOME!

We all know blunt rolling is an art. But, have you heard about the latest 420-friendly art trend taking the internet by storm?

It’s called Smokeable Art, or Joint Art, and it’s a glorious, creative avenue consisting of rolling blunts into beautiful, elaborate sculptures that you ultimately smoke!

Joint-rolling artists have sculpted everything from iconic cartoon characters to AK-47s, and even doobies shaped like your favorite foods. If they can dream it, they can roll it.

Below you’ll find some of the most popular joint-rolling artists on Instagram, including the king of smokeable art, Tony Greenhand. Scroll down and check it out.

Tony Greenhand

This dude takes joint art to a whole other level. Greenhand is a completive joint roller who has been featured in Rolling Stone and is hella-popular on Instagram and the Internet.

Greenhand is currently the most famous joint-rolling artist out there, with artwork selling for thousands of dollars. Take a look.


To get a behind-the-scenes look at this joint-rolling master and see more of Tony Greenhand’s smokeable art, check out this video.

Budding Artists on the Rise

Greenhand may be the most successful joint-rolling artist to date, but he’s not the only soul with a talent for rolling smokeable art. Others are displaying their passion for the green combined with a hearty supply of papers across social media. Here are a few additional blunt artists to watch out for and follow on Instagram:



Want More?

Check out social media hashtags such as #jointart, #smokeableart, #bluntart, and #creativerolling to see even more incredible works of smokeable art.

Many of these artists take DM requests on Instagram for purchasing. However, Joint Art doesn’t run cheap.

Joint Art is typically pricey, and rich celebrities such as Snoop Dogg have been known to purchase and put them out for party guests to enjoy.

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