7 Back to School Essentials for Stoners

August is always a bittersweet time of year. While the last throes of summer are still going strong, the back-to-school dread is creeping in.

But don’t let the back-to-school season kill your vibe. Instead, check out our back-to-school shopping list below. And no, we don’t mean notebooks, pencils, and calculators.

Our back-to-school list is much more rad and includes the seven back-to-school essentials you’ll want to pack before heading to the dorms.

7 Back to School Essentials for Stoners

1. New Vape Pen

A new school year means a new beginning. So, why not get a new vape pen? Chase the cloud while you walk to your next class.


2. Fall E-juices

While you’re vaping this back to school season, consider indulging in the sweet flavors of autumn. Look for flavors like Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Chai Tea, Caramel Apple, Sour Apple, Cinnamon, and various dessert e-juices by brands like Cuttwood, Cosmic Fog, and Charlie’s Chalk Dust.


3. Pot leaf socks (and other 420 themed clothing & accessories)

Every back to school shopping list includes new clothes so why not represent! Be subtle with undergarments or show your pride with t-shirts and hats.


4. Hacky Sacks

To help you stay active.


5. Backpack Munchies

You know, because all that “studying” can make a student hungry. We recommend keeping your backpack stuffed with munchies such as Cheetos, Fritos, cookies of any kind, Lunchables, a jar of Nutella, etc.


6. Axe Body Spray

You may also find that you need to cover up the smell from all that “studying.” Stock up on Axe. It’s strong and the ladies love it. There is also Axe for women. Plus, Febreze works too.  Or, you might just try using a Smoke Buddy and avoid the sprays and perfumes all together.


7. Towel

Not only are towels a handy invention for drying off after the shower, but they also help prevent certain aromas from escaping a dorm room when stuffed under the door. *wink Or, again, that Smoke Buddy does the same trick.

So this back to school season, skip the lines at Staples and head to your local Headshop.

We at Euphoria Psychedelic Gift Shop in Bellmore, New York hope everyone enjoyed their summer.

But it’s not over yet! Make sure to catch this Long Island Headshop at the Bellmore Street Fair September 16th & 17th.

See you soon.

~ Peace!