6 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm like a Hippie

The good vibes of summer tend to fade out for college kids as they begin to move into their dorms. It’s not always easy saying goodbye to home cooked meals and clean laundry. Not to mention the buzzkill that comes with following campus policies. 

So how do you stay groovy when the Man wants you to play by the rules of the Institution? 

We at Euphoria Psychedelic Gift Shop understand this time of year can be a bummer. But, just because a new school year is about to commence, does not mean your aura has to turn muddy. Hold onto piece of mind as homework floods in and embrace serenity with these 6 ways to decorate your dorm like a hippie. For Long Islanders, note that you can cross off almost all of these dorm items on the back-to-school list by visiting our location in Bellmore, New York

FYI, these hippie room décor ideas aren’t just for dorms, either! Soothe your inner flower child with a bedroom refresh. Or, use these tips for any room in the house where negativity lurks. 

1. Tie Dye it

Tie dye is a fun and quirky way to keep the warm, summer feelings alive as fall rolls in. It’s the mark of the hippie and dates back way before the 1960s, with roots in Indian and Japanese culture. Therefore, it’s not only a great symbol to “fight the power,” but therapeutic as well. Whether you want to do a DIY or splurge on a full, pre-paid bed set, there are plenty of options. Euphoria has awesome throw blankets in an array psychedelic tie dye designs too. And for the record, there is no such thing as too much tie dye. Add tie dye posters, a tie dye rug, tie die neck pillow, towel, laptop case, wall decals… (You get the point) 

2. Good Ol’ Lava lamp

Lava lamps are a staple of any hippie bedroom. Set it up as a nightlight. (Hey, there’s nothing wrong with needing a night light. Who knows what kind of tortured ghost souls loom the halls of college campuses?) Or, use the ambiance of the lamp to help mellow out while smok-- uh, while studying!

BONUS: See if your roommate will split the cost of a black light. This enhances the lava lamp experience. We also did some research and those plastic stars and planets you used to stick to the ceiling as a child are still a thing too! They also come in shapes like mushrooms and hemp leaves.

3. Candles, Incense, & Essential Oils

To cover up the smell of all that “studying,” you should invest in some patchouli (aka the scent of hippie culture, worn for its musky power and ability to mask any unpleasant smell). Though Febreze isn’t a bad investment either, the real hippie aesthetic is in the visual props here.  Candles, a long, bronze incense tray, and a shoebox of essential oils is the equivalent of time travel (or close enough). However, you may want to stick with just the patchouli oils if your college prohibits burning candles and incense. Or, you can always set up electric tea lights around your desk. Most campuses will let you decorate with candles, just as long as you don’t burn them. 

If burning candles and incense isn’t an issue for you, and you want to embrace the euphoric scents of summer all semester long, click here.

4. A Dreamy Dreamcatcher

In case you’re still spooked about the campus ghosts, the dreamcatcher not only adds bohemian flare to any bedroom, it’s believed to protect the sleeper from negative dreams, as well. According to dreamcatcher legend, it works by letting positive dreams slip through the holes and down the feathers to the one sleeping below. It also traps the nightmares of flunking biology and showing up to class naked on presentation day. Dreamcatchers usually range in price from $2-$20 and are fairly easy to find. The end of summer usually brings about street festivals with vendors selling all sorts of handmade hippie merch. For those in the area, Bellmore is celebrating their 30th annual Street Fair this year, September 17th and 18th.

5. Hang a Bunch of Stuff  

Besides the dreamcatcher, a real hippie room will have an assortment of bohemian “danglings” above the bed. Nothing says young, wild, and free quite like a mismatch canopy of cloths, hanging beads, string lights and paper lanterns. A true hippie vibe room should also consist of one or more of the following hanging accessories; hanging plants, macramé decorations, wooden signs with psychedelic mantras, feathers, and or chimes, and a Tibetan prayer flag. Plus, you don’t necessarily need to have these all sway from the ceiling. Hang them from antique or wooden hooks on the wall. Pinterest is a great source for Hippie Accessory Inspiration

6. Mandala Tapestry above the Bed    

True, we could have grouped the tapestry with number 5, but it’s the real heart of a hippie bedroom. It’s also what really sets the hippie apart from hipster here. The word Mandala means “circle.” These circular designs represent wholeness and the intricately woven patterns on the tapestries represent the universe and the connected essence of life. Mandalas are symbols of the path of life and are spirituality rooted in both Buddhism and Hinduism. When hung above the bed (or on the wall next to the bed), the mandala tapestry provides a sense of enlightenment. What better room accessory for a college student? 

You can learn more about the wicked coolness of mandalas here.

Are you ready to dorm like a hippie now? We hope these 6 décor tips inspire you to get funky. Please feel free to share any other dorm decorating tips or photos of your hippie-inspired furnishings on our Facebook page.

Remember to also stop by our Vape and Gift Shop for more inspiration. We have far out hippie accessories and one of a kind, psychedelic finds to make your dorm room unique.  We hope all the college kids enjoyed the summer and best of luck this upcoming school year. Keep in mind, we are a great place to hit up during the stressful cram weeks too!