All About 420 and The Meaning of 420

All over the world, April 20th is a day for people to gather with fellow stoners and smoke some weed. There don't have to be festivals, there doesn't have to be entertainment; just people who meet up on that day (at 4:20 pm, if they really want to do it right) to celebrate what mother nature has brought to the table. Although this day signifies the day for all weed smokers to come together and smoke, it (unfortunately) does not mean that such activity is legal everywhere. Now, we at Euphoria do not encourage marijuana smoking to our customers, and our smoking products are intended for tobacco use only, but the phrase “420” has gained so much attention over the years that society as a whole knows what it means and what happens on that day.

Without a doubt, there is a huge amount of weed smoked on 4/20, which tends to cause a lot of tension with authorities and with people who don’t agree with the use of marijuana. So law enforcement is extra attentive to make sure that no one does anything reckless or harmful to themselves, or others. This doesn’t mean that in states where marijuana IS legal that law enforcement is as tight as in other states. Take Denver, for example.  Colorado is a legal marijuana state and on 4/20, the city of Denver takes precautions by sending out tweets to remind people to smoke responsibly.  Authorities are realistic of the events that take place to celebrate smoking weed on that day; they caution people to “not get crazy” and not to “ruin their fun.” (Talk about the best approach to public safety as well as the coolest police department ever!... as coined by Twitchy) 

We understand if you want to move to Denver now, or at least visit for the 4/20 festivities they hold there, which take up an ENTIRE WEEKEND! Don’t act like you didn’t just Google flights to Denver...

Let’s discuss the origin of 420….

Do you know how 420 started? Who coined the term 420 and how it spread like wildfire all over the world? An interesting fact about 420 is that most people don’t know where it originated from. They just know that it’s a day for people to come together and smoke weed. But no worries, we are here to provide some background information so the next time you’re asked you’ll know the real origin of the term “420.” 

First, 420 was not founded on an event that happened on April 20th. It actually has to do with the time, 4:20 pm.  The term 420 originated in the 70’s.  It all started with a group of friends who called themselves “The Waldos.” The Waldos were four high school students from San Rafael, California with a passion for marijuana.  One day, these four, young pot-smoking men got it in their heads to go on a mission. According to the Huffington Post, “the Waldos got word of a Coast Guard service member who could no longer tend his plot of marijuana plants near the Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard station. A treasure map in hand, the Waldos decided to pluck some of the free bud.” In order to carry out this plan in hand, they had to meet up to get started on this journey. 

So, the Waldo’s picked a time to meet – 4:20 pm, right after school.  They met up to smoke weed and started off their journey (while continuing to smoke weed on the way to their destination, and after they arrived there, too). Then, every day after that, they would say “4:20?” as a way to ask each other if they wanted to smoke, were already high, or if they had any weed to smoke. From that day on, 420 became the Waldos' personal code word for smoking weed.  But it was the Grateful Dead who helped the word get out to the public.  It seems that one of the Waldos had been hanging out with the band during a tour, and he started using the term 420 around the stage and at concerts, and eventually it caught on with the public. Once word had spread of 420 and it’s meaning, the phrase lit up in all parts of the world. And the best part about it was that parents, law enforcement, and others not in “the know” had no idea what it meant. It made 420 an insider term that only stoners would understand, which made it more exclusive. 

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