Got the munchies? Long Island Munchies spots

Got the Munchies?

There’s nothing worse than having the munchies and having no food to eat. So what do you do? You go crazy and start eating whatever you can find. Well, why limit yourself to packaged food when you can head to one of the many amazing restaurants near Bellmore? That is what we are here for, to provide you with some of the best restaurants near Bellmore so when the munchies hit, cabinet mystery food won’t be the only food you will be eating. No need to worry, these restaurants are delicious and will hopefully satisfy your munch. Oh and did we mention that all the restaurants in our list are close to Euphoria? ;] Now let the munch hunt for amazing restaurants begin!

  1. If your munchies are taking over and you decide that you want something sweet to satisfy your craving and longing for food, then head over to International Delight Café! Your munchies will no longer exist after ordering “The World.” What is that, you ask? Well, it is one of their specialties! It is a huge bowl stuffed with gelato, Belgian waffles and an endless amount of toppings. It is something you have to see to believe, although it might be too much for one person to eat alone and you’ll need to find out for yourself whether you want to share or not. If you decide to make this café your go to for munchies please share your picture with us! After all, International Delight Café is only a few stores down from Euphoria.

  2. So what if you’re craving breakfast food? After all, your munchies decide what you want to eat, it’s unpredictable. We know it’s hard to find places that serve breakfast all day that aren’t like the typical Long Island greasy spoon… but no worries! We’ve got you covered. Go check out Morning Rose Cafe on Bedford Ave in Bellmore (same block as Euphoria!) They serve breakfast all day long! How convenient is that? It’s great actually, because your every munch need for breakfast food can be satisfied in one place! Not only is it great for breakfast food but it has also been awarded a certificate of excellence, so you are sure to drool over their delicious food.  Or, if it’s diner food you are craving, one of the best on Long Island is the Mediterranean Diner, also on Bedford Avenue in Bellmore.  This is our favorite diner, great fresh food selections and high-quality diner fare.

  3. Since having munchies can be so unpredictable there is no way of knowing what you will be craving. So what if you happen to want seafood, burgers, or steak? You know, if for some reason you wanted to get fancy…well we have just the place for that! If you are in the Bellmore area go to Little Left Coast Kitchen! They look like they can satisfy your salty munchie needs and it looks absolutely scrumptious. Their snacks and appetizers range from $5 to $8.50, and that’s not bad! They even have healthy vegetables options if you are into eating healthy.

  4. What if your munchies make you want a little bit of everything? Then The Cup Coffee House in Wantagh will satisfy any craving you might have.  From milkshakes, mouthwatering desserts and finger foods, The Cup in Wantagh is sure to leave you happy and relieve your munchies. If you need proof prior to going to The Cup Coffee House then check out their website for very convincing pictures that will answer all your doubts. Psst... by the way, Euphoria is only seven minutes away!!

  5. Now what if your munchies are telling you they want something different, not your usual go-to food? Well, let us introduce you to Churrasqueria Carvalhos Rodizio, located in Bellmore.  They are a Portuguese restaurant that is sure to make you want more. So try something new! From their delicious French fries to their juicy steaks and chicken, this place will leave you more than satisfied. We bet you forgot you even had the munchies! So go check them out! Oh yes, they are two blocks away from Euphoria, so before heading home stop on by!!


Wow! So many options to choose from and they are all so different! So your munchies will never go unsatisfied, go check out these restaurants and let us know what you think. And of course, don’t forget to check us out our Psychedelic Gift Shop while you are in the Bellmore area. Euphoria carries a variety of products including vapes, smoking supplies, novelties, home decor and jewelry items, incense, Metaphysical gifts, and so much more! Come see for yourself! If you have any more suggestions for places to eat for the munchies, please let us know!!