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E-Liquids/E-juices oh my!

Juice Vaping has become extremely popular of late.  Not only have people switched from traditional cigarettes to vaping due to its affordability, but also because it’s healthier. With so many options out there we thought we would break it down for you and provide you with the most popular and favored e-liquids/e-juices out there.  So, you know… you don’t have to go hunting store to store to find what you like or to know what they offer. Euphoria has a wide variety of flavors and brands that are sure to make your taste buds jump for joy. So, why look anywhere else? We have the best prices around on all of our vape products and e-juices! Let’s vape away…

We Carry the Most Popular Nationwide Brands

  •     Cuttwood
  •     Cosmic Fog
  •     High Voltage
  •     Plus more…(you’ll have to come in and find out!)

Do you love Pink Spot Gourmet E-Liquids?

Yes, you will be happy to hear that Euphoria is an official vendor of Pink Spot Gourmet, which offers well over 100 different flavors. Talk about variety, and if you are a fan, then stop by Euphoria to get your fix.

So what are the best flavors in our opinion?

We understand that sometimes you need someone else’s opinion before buying a product and that is what we are here for. We are going to list our favorite flavors that we carry and, hopefully, you will try them for yourself and fall in love at first vape. After all, how else will you know unless you try? We already know that we love these flavors, its up to YOU to try them and let us know what you think. 

Cuttwood’s Mega Melons (um that sounds delicious! For those who love fruity flavors)

  •     Mango
  •     Cantaloupe
  •     Papaya

Charlie’s Chalkdust Dream Cream (oh dreamy! For those who enjoy creamy flavors)

  •     Vanilla
  •     Fudge
  •     Cinnamon

Our customers' favorite flavors

If our opinion is not enough to convince you to stop by Euphoria for all your e-liquid and e-juice needs, then maybe knowing what our customers love might tempt you to try it for yourself. But don’t take our word for it, here are our customers' favorites...


  •  If you love cold sugar cereals then you will love Bird Brain by Cuttwood.  Its flavor of sugar cereal and milk is sure to leave you craving a good breakfast. Unless you’re not a breakfast person, and in that case just opt for the delicious e-liquid.  Hey, sometimes you don’t need to have breakfast to have the sweet lingering taste of yummy cold cereal in your mouth. 


  • Are you a strawberry lover? If so, then we have the perfect e-liquid for you! With Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood your strawberry-loving taste buds will thank you. This e-liquid is a perfect mix of strawberries and cream, and yes you read that right. It’s like dessert in your mouth except that you will be vaping it rather than eating it. The name itself should sell you on trying this unique and popular flavor. 


  • If you are looking for something you can’t resist then Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog should do the trick. Its delicious melon mixed with candy flavor will leave you weak. Haha, get it? Because it’s called Kryptonite? Anyway, this mouthwatering flavor should make your mouth taste pretty amazing, if you like melon and candy, of course. 


  •  If you are a yogurt fan then you will definitely make this flavor your go-to when vaping. Ohmgurt by Juicy Ohms will not only satisfy all your creamy, yogurty desires, but the incredible fruit and yogurt taste will leave you wanting more.  I mean, just take a look at the name, “Ohmgurt.” It's pretty much saying “yumm-gurt.” Bet you didn’t think about that one... 

Looking for Something With a Little “Extra Kick”?

Still want more? Just sit back and bask in your thick vape smoke while we do all the talking.  Have you heard of High Voltage? No, not the type that runs through downed wires and causes electrocution, this is a best-selling brand for vaping. It is a particularly popular brand that people enjoy because the juices are infused with caffeine and vitamin B, for that little extra kick you may need in the morning or during a long day. Who says you need coffee, right?  And if you are looking for something more relaxing then we suggest you try Lights Out as this flavor is infused with melatonin instead of caffeine and will definitely relax you.  You know, for those days when you just want to sit back and chill.

Also, if you are looking for menthol and tobacco flavors, well we carry those too.  It's true! How can we be so in tune with your every vaping need, you wonder?  You’ll just have to visit our store and see. 

Large Supply of Products for Vaping E-Juice

We have top-selling box mods and kits that come with everything you need to start vaping, including battery, charger, tank and extra coils.  With our wide variety of tanks, batteries, battery chargers, replacement coils, drip tips, cotton and wicks, and other quality vaping accessories, all at the lowest prices around, you won’t need to shop anywhere else. 

Check Us Out!

We hope that, by now, we have sold you on choosing Euphoria as your go-to shop for all your vaping needs.  But, like we said before, don’t take our word for it.  Stop on by and check us out!