Play the Art - Guitar Art Long Island

If you play the guitar, or just love music and art, then you will love “Play the Art!”

Euphoria is not only about vapes and grinders; we offer a lot more than your typical Long Island vape or head shop. Which is why we want to inform all guitar enthusiasts, and music and art admirers , about “Play the Art.”

Have you ever wanted to customize your guitar with hand painted art?

Well then, look no further than our store.  Stop by Euphoria to get your old guitar restored and hand painted to any design imaginable.  We call it a tattoo for your guitar.  Whether you want to restore and customize an old guitar for yourself, or for someone else as an awesome gift, please check out this page on our website, and the Play The Art official website, to view some recent examples of our guitar art, and for information and inspiration.  Our talented artist can recreate literally any design you choose, or he can choose an amazing design for you.  And if you admire the art but don't have a guitar of your own, we have several models already restored and painted with beautiful designs.  

Feel free to either make an appointment, or just come into our shop so we can discuss options, designs, prices, and anything else you might wish to know.  Our artist will be happy to speak with you, as well, regarding the artwork you are interested in having hand painted onto your guitar. Altogether, the Play the Art process generally takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the condition of the guitar. 

The process is pretty straightforward… The face of your guitar is professionally restored, carefully removing any gloss and excess surface imperfections.  Then, our artist draws your design on the face of the guitar.  Next, the artist uses special oil paint sharpies to fill in the color.  From there, the guitar gets sprayed with a sealer (so that no dust sticks to the fresh paint), as well as a clear satin spray.  And for the final touch, a clear gloss is sprayed over the guitar to give it that “shiny look.” Voila!  Your guitar is transformed into a gorgeous piece of custom, playable art!  

And we're not limited to acoustic guitars. Bongos, banjos, mandolins-- anything with a wood surface area, and many electric guitars, too!

Euphoria is a family-owned and operated head shop / gift shop on Long Island with many connections and specialty items that enable us to bring you the very best products and unique services for all things vaping, smoking, and psychedelia.  Stop by our store, you might find something you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  Come in and check it out for yourself! ~Peace!