Euphoric Summer Scents and E-Juices

From the salty scent of an ocean breeze, to the sweet smell of fresh cut roses, close your eyes and imagine inhaling the pleasurable aromas of summer. What smells conjure up the relaxation of having your toes in the sand? What elixirs take your taste buds into the sun’s bliss?

If you are looking to indulge your senses in the fragrances of summer, look no further! Euphoria Vape and Gift Shop in Bellmore  has all your favorite seasonal scents and flavors. Whether you're looking to shop incense, oils, candles, or vape juices, we have everything your senses need to soak in the sizzling months ahead.

Incense & Oils

Maybe you want to meditate to the stimulating smokiness of incense, or perhaps youre looking to mask some other distinctive scent from the nosy neighbors.  Whatever the reason, make sure to shop this seasons top incense. These scents are also available as sensual oils too. We have everything from fresh, to sweet, to naughty.

Top Summer Incense & Oil Scents:

Ocean Wind This invigorating citrus scent is bursting with notes of fresh lime, grapefruit, jasmine, amber, and musk.

Fresh Rain A clean and crisp fragrance.

Lilac Not only a fresh, floral scent. Did you know that lilac is burned to stimulate psychic powers and to attract inner harmony?

Peach A fresh and sweet spoor. Use peach to invoke relaxation and tranquility.

Raspberry Rose - A delightful blend of fruity and floral notes.

Summer Day - A warm floral fragrance. Reminiscent of a garden on a sunny day.

Champa Flower - An exotic floral fragrance with notes of rose, sweet herbs, and fresh berries.

Love Shack - A sultry fragrance mixed with both citrus and spice to turn the heat up even higher on those hot summer nights.


Speaking of spicing up the night, candles are the perfect bedroom companion. We have all the seasonal scents to make you and your partner melt.

 Top Summer Candles:

Bermuda Beach  A sunny, citrus aroma with floral notes and a hint of spicy vanilla.

Miami Sunset A sweet and sexy sent full of tropical notes

Fresh Strawberries A delicious strawberry scent thats believed to attract summer love

Calypso Bay - Soothing waves of bergamot, grapefruit zest, light florals and musk

Ocean Wind - A fresh, citrusy ozone with notes of grapefruit. 

One Night Stand An erotic scent mixing notes of bergamot, cardamom, pineapple, papaya, amber, and green tea


Did you know that certain e-juices will taste better in the warmer weather? Summertime screams cocktails, ice cream, and tropical ecstasy. Therefore, Euphoria wants to make sure that youre vaping to the exhilarating sweetness of this seasons sugary and citrus flavors.

Heres a list of the top summer flavors by brand:

Naked Fish:

Barracuda A mixture of sweet summer honey dew and tropical fruits

Charlies Chalkdust:

Head Bangin Boogie Reminiscent of a blueberry popsicle

Slam Berry Sweet like strawberry ice cream


Mega Melons A juicy combo of mango, cantaloupe and papaya

Cosmic Fog:

Church Tastes like a hot fudge sundae

Shocker Strawberry lemonade infused with other tropical fruits

Juicy Ohms:

Waky Pony Bursting taste of blended citrus and tropical Fruits

Lost Arts:

Unicorn Puke The nostalgic joy of a scoop of rainbow sherbet

Pink Spot Vapors:

Jamaican Me Crazy A unique blend of tropical fruits

One Love A tropical island banana and vanilla fusion

Bikini Martini - Blend of orange vodka and cranberry with a splash of citrus

Pina Colada - The classic cocktail flavors of pineapple, coconut and rum

Topless Beach - Banana and peach fusion

Tropical Punch - Packed with fruit flavors, it vapes so smoothly, like waves of fruity ocean mist

Watermelon Wave The sweet, juicy summertime favorite fruit extracted into a refreshing e-Liquid, and without the seeds!

Georgia Peach So sweet and fresh, tastes just like the real thing.

Raspberry Lemonade  - Thirst quenching, tangy fruit taste that mimics summer's favorite drink.

Happy Ending - A swirly, smooth, sweet vape for after the sun goes down...

Are your senses tingling with summer scent anticipation? Its not too early to quench your thirst for seasonal delight. All the products mentioned above are available for purchase at Euphoria Psychedelic Gift Shop. Visit us in Bellmore, New York and chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. Let us know what your favorite summer scents and e-juices are, we want to know!